Best of 2010: Our Favorite Hair Products

As a couple of ladies with super straight hair, and lots of it, what we really want is some lift. And of course, healthy locks. In 2010, it was all about the quest for big hair. And as the saying goes, it’s a journey, not a destination. The quest continues, but there were a few standouts in 2010 that I’m happy to welcome to my haircare arsenal. Here’s our picks for best of hair, 2010.

Living Proof  Full Root Lifting Spray – Ooh nelly. Promises, promises with this styling spray to bring your roots to new heights. This is an interesting product, and yes, it works very well. It’s a bit sticky when you spray and due to the blend of resins in the formula, you can feel the hair thickening immediately. But once you blow-dry or style, it smooths out and lifts your hair from the root. .

Hair Bungees – As I grow my hair out, I become more and more reliant on throwing it back in a ponytail of some sort throughout the day.  But with the wonderous Hair Bungees, I don’t get any creasing in my hair. These are really cool — you literally just bungee them in your hair and secure as tightly as you need depending on the thickness of your hair. I even did a tutorial to show you what I mean!

Garnier Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray – This started as a summer must-have, but now it’s just a must-have. It contains olive, avocado and shea oils and infuses your hair with an insane amount of moisture…weightlessly. It’s a budget beauty steal at less than $5 too.

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream – This was the second stop in the quest for big hair, and like the Root Lifting Spray, this product works wonders also. A few dabs blended into your hair about mid-blow dry, and the end result is truly thicker hair. Both of us have a lot of hair, but the individual strands are fine, so this really pumps up the volume.

Let us know your hair faves of 2010!

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