Besame, Besame Mucho

When I first saw products from Besame Cosmetics, I was immediately drawn to them. I assumed that their attention to detail in the packaging would translate over to the actual products. Luckily, my assumption was correct. Not only do their products have a retro vintage charm to them, but they’re pretty good as well.

Face_rouge_img The first product I tried was Boudoir Rouge in Sun Kissed. This is a gorgeous peach tone blush that is soft and silky to the touch. Also, this is a very pigmented product and a little of this went a long way. For a fair gal like myself, this product can give skin a natural soft glow without looking too made up. Also, once the actual product is gone, you can keep the compact and use it for something else. I predict this will make a lovely pill box someday.

Face_loose_powder_img Next came the Feather Light Dusting Powder. Oh how I love this product. I’ve been using this translucent powder on top of my foundation non-stop since I got it and I grow to love it a little more each day. It does not leave my skin looking cakey at all, it just gives a smooth matte appearance that lasts. This makes a great blotting powder as well, I would make any excuse to this sweet vanilla scented powder.

Lip_enchanting_lipstick_img_1 It may look a bit like a bullet but it’s just a throwback to the vintage glamor that Besame is all about. Their Enchanting Lipstick another gem in this line. I tried this lipstick in Chocolate Kiss, a rich brown semi-matte lipstick. This color has now replaced my beloved MAC Paramount lipstick. As a big fan of this texture, I was happy to find that this did not dry my lips out. The color remained creamy for quite awhile. While the tip is a bit different, it’s actually convenient. It allows the lipstick to almost function like a lip-liner and line your lips with it.

I also briefly played with some of their other products. Overall, their products are well pigmented and I loved them. Check out their samples, it’s a great way to try the line.

9 thoughts on “Besame, Besame Mucho”

  1. I’ve already ordered some samples, when you posted that you will be reviewing their products. I was worried your review might be bad, but I’m so happy they’re good products!

  2. Hmmm, I also made the plunge. Ordered some samples myself. I have been looking at this company forsome time. Love the new design as well. Is that typepad?

  3. Mmmm those products sound yummy! Especially the dusting powder. I have been looking for something to use for blotting purposes – I really would prefer those little papers… have any suggestions on good brands???

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