Benefit's Rush Hour

From one multipurpose product to the next, meet Benefit’s newest product, Rush Hour. This product claims it’s an instant makeover for lips and cheeks, a product for the “girl on the go”.

Benefit's Rush Hour In reality, this product is really nothing new. It’s a lipstick that you can dab on your cheeks, countless women have been doing this for years… including my mother. Depending on the shade, she would even put it on her eyes. But were those lipsticks as creamy as this product? I’m going to guess and say “no”. It’s got this really creamy consistency that makes this product easy to use on cheeks and lips. It also comes in a great universally flattering shade called Sunberry. It’s a soft plum rose shade that will look great on anyone and we put the color to the test. Three of us tried this on and it looked great on all of us… and we have extremely different skin tones. If plum based colors are your thing, pick this up.

2 thoughts on “Benefit's Rush Hour”

  1. I just got this the other day! I used to use a little product BeneFIT had called 911. It was similar, but it was in a tube like a gloss. They discontinued it (arrrgh!) so I was glad to see something new.

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