Happy Birthday, BeautyTicket.com! Get 50% off Now!

It’s BeautyTicket.com’s birthday but they’re giving you the present! Right now you can take 50% off almost everything on their website (VIP room excluded) until Friday with code BIRTHDAY50. While you’re there, check out the beauty panel’s spring tips. You’ll find me on the panel.

Happy Birthday BeautyTicket!

One thought on “Happy Birthday, BeautyTicket.com! Get 50% off Now!”

  1. I just wanted to leave a comment for consumers to beware of shopping on this site. I ordered several items from this sale, when they sent me my shipping confirmation they also sent me shipping confirmations for two other customers! Two different customers in different parts of the country! I can only assume that my info may have been sent out to random people as well. Luckily, there isn’t any crucial info like credit card numbers but there is my full name and address and that I shopped (past tense, will never shop there again) at beautyticket.com – for any stranger to see in her/his inbox! I contacted their customer care department about it immediately and, surprise, surprise (insert sarcasm here) received no reply. Discount beauty should not come at the price of my privacy.

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