Beauty VIP of the Week: LUSH Big Shampoo

Sometimes, I can’t decide if I want to use LUSH Big Shampoo in my hair or pour it into a margarita glass and call it happy hour! While this Beauty VIP is intended for the former, the sea salt and fresh lime juice definitely pit this volumizing shampoo in a different category. It’s intended to give limp locks BIG volume, and the ingredients also have a clarifying effect.

The ingredients all have a special job to do. A seaweed infusion softens the hair, and strengthens in from root to tip. Fresh lime juice delivers crazy shine and gives hair that squeaky-clean feel. And the sea salt is full of minerals that blow up your hair in a way you wouldn’t think possible. The salt has an obvious gritty texture, and it feels fantastic to massage this into your scalp.

I love using this in the summer when my hair tends to fall into the “greaser” category more often. This whips it into perfect shape, and gives me that Texas hair I covet so much.  My tip to you if you too want BIG hair: use a healthy amount of conditioner on the ends of your hair after using this shampoo. Then, style and enjoy your new found BIG hair.

9 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: LUSH Big Shampoo”

  1. Wow this sounds awesome, I love big hair, will definitely keep this one in mind for when summer comes to Au 🙂

    1. Jazz,

      Ooh, this could be really great for you if you have thin hair! If you don’t have a Lush boutique, you can buy this online (link to the product is in the post for convenience!) Or, some Macy’s sell Lush in their beauty departments as well! Good luck:)

  2. Knowing what I know about now about Lush as a company, I will never buy Lush products again. They are a billion company hiding behind their funky packaging. They threaten smaller mom and pop companies with lots of lawyers.

    Predatory and abusive company in the beauty industry. Don’t buy Lush.

  3. Hi What Shampoo is good for women when they start to lose hair? For some reason I started loosing lots of hair in age of 20. My front hairline is really thinning out. I heard sometimes it could be caused by cheap bad shampoos. What shampoo should I use to strengthen my hair and slow down the hair fall?thanks a lot

    1. Hi Dera! If I were you, I’d check out Nioxin. Their line is pricey compared to drugstore products but I’ve used it and had good results as well as some friends in family. It did wonders for my scalp too.

  4. I love the smell of Margaritas but I don’t need any help in the big hair category. I still might check it out even if I just use it on my roots for a freshen up.

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