Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber


One of my favorite winter scents is Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber. And now that it’s November, I’m bringing it out of retirement. This is a scent that I can’t fully enjoy if the temperature is above 40 degrees and it’s light out after 5pm. Nope, this fragrance is too rich and decadent to hang in the warmer months. Which is why I love it!

Sensual Amber is an exotic blend of lotus and amber with succulent plum and creamy sandalwood. On most days, I just slather on some body butter and let that act as my perfume. And I love to use the hand cream (LOVE this product – one of my fav. hand creams) during the day when I’m at work.

Do you have a favorite scent you only like in the colder months?

3 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber”

  1. Sensual Amber is the only fragrance that i buy from them..i love it and its not just a winter wear for me..i wear it all year. whenever i am in the mood for something spicy!

  2. I think the body spray is delicious in the summer because it’s such a sheer scent. I love this one, the only one I own from BBW.

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