Put on a Heavenly Face

I’ve been obsessed with brushes lately and the one I’m all about right now is the Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush. When I walked up to the Bare Escentuals counter and asked for their recommendation on the best brush to use to give me full coverage, this is the one that they suggested.

Bare Escentuals Heavenly Face Brush What’s nice about this brush is that it can deliver the fuller, buildable coverage I’m looking for without irritating my skin. You can’t see it in the picture I posted recently but I’m hiding some major issues and irritating that area is something I’m trying very carefully to avoid. The brush is super soft so it’s perfect for my application. It doesn’t not scratch my skin as I swirl, tap and buff away. This was a problem I had with their brushes in the past and they left me with a rather bad impression. I also really like that it’s got a flat top and a longer handle. This way it’s easier for me to pick up an even amount of product and work it in evenly as well.

The SA also said they all use the Heavenly Face brush at their counter and that it’s their best selling brush. The people have spoken. 🙂

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