Balance Oily Skin with the Avene Cleanance Line

As I have gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate my oily skin. After all, that excess oil will help my skin looking younger than my dry skinned counterparts. I’m always trying new skincare, I like to say it’s part of my job but it also makes it hard to stick with a routine consistently. Recently I have incorporated a few products from the Avene Cleanance line help me balance my oily skin.

The first is Avene’s Cleanance Emulsion Lotion. This has been my go-to moisturizer for the better part of this year. I picked it up for the first time during a trip to New York in January and I’m now on my third tube. This is a cream-gel that quickly sinks into skin and disappears without a trace. It does a good job of hydrating my skin even now in drier weather and is rich enough for me to use as a night cream. I’ve yet to find a product that keeps me shine free all day long but this lotion gives me just enough hydration and helps keep my skin matte well into the afternoon. Oh, and it’s a 1/3 of the cost of the moisturizer I was previously obsessed with!

Avene’s Cleanance Gel Soapless Cleanser is new to me and it is a bit of a revelation, I’ve been using it for about a month now. It cleans my skin thoroughly but it is completely gentle at the same time. I can get this in my eyes and not have to worry about them stinging or getting red whatsoever. There is no irritation to speak of with this cleanser. It removes all traces of makeup from my skin and doesn’t strip all the moisture out of it. It is also very concentrated and a little of it produces plenty of lather. A 6.76 oz. bottle of this cleanser will last you forever. When I use both the lotion and cleanser together, my skin feels as smooth as velvet.

Finally, what’s a skincare routine without a toner? I use to be very anti-toner, I just didn’t see the point of it but I think toners are making a comeback. We’ve been obsessed with facial mists the last few years, toner is just the original facial mist. 😉 Avene’s Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion is a clogged pore fighter that rids the skin of impurities and helps combat shine. I’ve poured this into a small spray bottle and spritz it on when I feel my skin needs a dose of salicylic acid. My favorite thing about this toner? No burn.

p.s. Right now Avene is having a contest on Facebook. Just like their page and enter the Cleanance Clean Skin challenge for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Avene, France. What I wouldn’t give for a trip to the south of France right now. 😉

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Avene but all opinions are my own!