Got Curls?

I know I do. Lots of them, in fact. They’ve always been pretty limp, as my hair is really fine to begin with. But, since having surgery in January, my hair pretty much… died! I was in the search for products that I could use everyday, wouldn’t ruin my curls and most of all, be simple and quick to use.

DevaCurl's Low Poo Cleanser I’ve found all that and more in DevaCurl’s products. In the shower I start out with the Low-Poo Cleanser. It has the same feeling as regular shampoo when it’s in your hand, but once it’s been in your hair and you’ve rinsed it out, your hair isn’t crying for conditioner. I follow up with a tiny amount of One Condition. This is the perfect conditioner for my hair. I can use it all the way to my roots and never get the greasies I would if I used other conditioners. The B’ Leave-In gel, as you guessed it, is a leave in. Most of the time I just scrunch the water out of my hair, apply a quarter size amount of this and scrunch it through. That’s all I need to keep my curls looking good. If I want more defined curls, I follow with the AnGell. It’s a really light gel, but totally gets rid of the frizzies.

DevaCurl Mist-er Right When my curls need a wake up call, let’s say after I’ve slept on them and have to get running the next morning. I just spray a little Mist-er Right on them, scrunch and they’re back to their normal ways. Mist-er Right smells like lavender flowers and never seems to get gunky in my hair. I usually follow Mist-er Right with a couple sprays of Set it Free. It’s a moisture locking spray that keeps the frizz totally out of sight. I usually only use Set it Free on the second day, after I’ve put some Mist-er Right in it. This past week I was on Spring Break and was swimming for hours each day. I was worried the chlorine would ruin my hair. Thankfully, I brought these products with me, and my hair looked good, even right after swimming. I even got my sister and niece interested in them! They noticed how much more curly and put together my hair’s looking and had to find out what I was using.

These products are perfect for us curly girls and for those who follow the curly girl routine. These products, combined with the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel are all you need for perfect curls, every day of your life.

Italian Bath & Body

I’d like to confess my love affair with the company known as Perlier. After watching their products being shown on HSN for at least two years, I finally went and bought some Perlier at the local TJ Maxx. Considering how much cheaper it is in the store, I figured what do I have to lose, right?

Perlier Lavender Bath and Shower Gel Perlier is amazing. Everything that I’ve tried by this company has been 100% amazing quality. They have the most true lavender scent I’ve ever smelled. Their shower gels are about the same size as Philosophy gels and even come with a pump. This really comes in handy in the shower, when everything becomes slippery. After using their shower gels, I’ve noticed that I don’t need to use lotion afterwards. They’re definitely very moisturizing, and I have pretty dry skin!

Perlier White Almond Body Cream Next up is their body creams and lotions. *drools* These are beautiful. Not only do they moisturize very well, their scent stays! Hooray! I have such a hard time finding good smelling lotions and creams that actually keep their scent on my skin for more than .3 seconds. The lotions and creams you can still smell on yourself hours later.

Perlier Honey Hand Cream My favorite thing by Perlier that I’ve tried so far? Definitely their Honey Hand Cream. The smell is intoxicating and it makes your hands feel like silk! I’ve been known to even use it on the very dry spots on my face, and haven’t had any reactions towards it at all. The only problem? Keeping my mother from stealing it from me! Half the time, I go to use some and it’s not where I left it. I should probably buy her her own but I know that means buying even more Perlier products for me.

I’m in love, what can I say…

Not Your Ordinary "Cherry"

Hi guys! My name is Alexa and was recently contacted by Carla and she asked me if I wanted to review products for her site. Thankfully, I could start my own business with the amount of items I’ve seemed to collect over the years, so I have plenty to talk about. Maybe my reviews will even help someone out there the same way the reviews on this site have helped me.

Masaki Matsushima's Cherry Normally, when you hear the word “cherry” associated with “perfumes” you probably think that they’re going to be overly fruity and sweet, right? In the case of Masaki Matsushima’s Cherry fragrance, the cherry note is only slightly noticeable as it blends in with the rest of the notes: “Cherry, Blackcurrant, Bilberry, Watermelon, Lotus Flower, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, Raspberry, Crystal Musk, Blackberry”.

Cherry by Masaki Matsushima is categorized as a “floral” fragrance. I’ve always been a floral kind of gal, and this one just fits right in with the other bottles on my vanity. But don’t be fooled, it’s not your grandma’s floral. This one is fresh and bright with a beautiful dry down of soft florals.

Not only am I totally in love with the scent, I also adore the bottle it comes in! It’s very cute with little cherry designs all over the uniquely designed bottle. Definitely eye-catching. The only downside? For $32, 0.68 oz is pretty little, I’ve already made a dent in my bottle and I only got it 6 days ago.

Other than that, I can’t wait to try more fragrances by Masaki Matsushima! Especially Mintea and Mat;Yellow, mmm!