Mother's Day, Glowing Skin and Vitamin C

We are not mothers at Product Girl, though I am a “proud mama” to a sassy four-year old Boston Terrier, but we love to spend Mother’s Day weekend pampering our moms. The ultimate form of bonding. My Saturday will entail a much-needed pedicure with mom, some shopping and at-home spa-ing.  While I won’t spill what I’m gifting mom with this year, I will share some great ideas and products that we think are musts for you and mom!

There’s  a common thread here: radiant skin by the power of citrus.

– Murad’s new Intensive-C Radiance Peel contributes to a more youthful appearance by smoothing and illuminating skin with the help of glycolic acid, vitamin C, fig and myrtle extract. Benefits also include boosting collagen production, improved skin clarity and less dullness. With just one use, you’ll boast a brighter complexion. $49.50, Sephora.

– And, my personal favorite, Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel. Mom and I both will be slathering this on our skin this weekend as part of our spa-at-home activity. I’ve been using it for several weeks (only once per seven days – it’s powerful!) and can see an improvement in my skin. The active ingredients to thank are glycolic acid, which exfoliates and regenerates skin, lactic acid, helping with hyper-pigmentation, lycopene, the free radical scavenger, and a series of patented ingredients to help inhibit melanin and fade age spots. Oh, and the first ingredient is orange zest, so you can imagine HOW GOOD this smells. With one use, skin is noticeably brighter. With two, a little more luminous. And by three uses, you’re addicted and counting down the days you get to use it again. $78, Arcona.

– For your daily dose of vitamin C power, there’s Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. With an impressive 10.5% concentration of pure C, this serum has become a cult fav since its launch in 2005. You can use up to two times daily, a recommended two pumps before your moisturizer, and fine lines are on notice. This Saturday, May 12, you can get a complimentary 10-day sample to experience it yourself. The brand is hosting “Kiehl’s Day of Strength” at all locations on Saturday and serving up some vita C refreshments to go with the samples. Sounds like a great pit stop during my day of mother/daughter bonding! $58, Kiehl’s.

What are you plan’s for this weekend? Any special activities for mom? And if you are a mom, we wish you a perfect day!