Basking in the ARCONA Glow

The benefits of getting an Arcona facial are plentiful. During the blissful 60 minutes and even in the days following. Those days can best be described as basking in the Arcona glow. With each day post-facial, skin gets brighter and more radiant. I took some vacation days last week (for “birthday week”) and booked an Arcona Facial at the Ruby Room in Chicago. Having had a phenom Acure Facial earlier this year, I was so excited to try their signature Arcona treatment. The Arcona facials differ from the traditional European style facial and instead shed that dead skin with natural fruit enzymes. While the enzymes and steam get to work, you’re treated to a neck and shoulder massage that is heavenly. Paul was my esthetician and he just WORKED my muscles. Dare I say a highlight of birthday week? He also complimented my skin, noting that my collagen levels and elasticity were “excellent.” Sure knows how to make a girl who just entered her 30s feel fab!

I’m already a huge fan of the Mandarin Brightening Peel (my favorite 6 minutes of each week!), and during the facial Paul introduced my skin to a number of new Arcona products. What a treat for the senses!

The bar cleansers (in a jar!) are unbelievably cool. I loved the aroma of the Kiwi Cream Bar Cleanser, which was the starting point in my facial. I also dig the ingredients – coconut milk, kiwi extract and black currant oil.

When the Arcona fruit enzymes get to work, Ruby Room calls the feeling a “stingle” – part sting, part tingle at about a 5/6 (out of 10). For me, it was stingle-light, as I felt about a 3 (I can withstand a lot, though!) It’s really gentle, though, despite the stingly sensation. But my favorite sensory lift was from the Tea Tree Mask. Paul massaged a mask into my skin post-enzymes and layered the Tea Tree Mask on my blemish problem areas (chin, sides of nose) and it was so invigorating! Cooling and stingly.

In between each phase, the Cranberry Toner was applied. I’ve used this before, and love the cooling effect on the skin. This one does it all. Prep, remove makeup and infuse moisture. Did you know cranberry is a natural anti-microbial?

Any good esthetician knows better than to send you off into the daylight post-facial without a good SPF. Arcona Rezone smells of cucumbers and pears, and is quite moisturizing. Having this massaged on my face and neck was a great way to end 60 minutes of bliss.

Any Arcona fans out there? Let us know the products you love!

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