New! Amazing Grace Perfumed Deodorant

It was only a matter of time before this happened, Philosophy has recently introduced the Amazing Grace Perfumed Deodorant. I admit, I was immediately interested so I went to Nordstrom on Friday just to pick this new deodorant up.

The packaging reminded me of Cashmere Mist’s deodorant so I had high hopes but I hate to say it, I’m a little disappointed. I bought it for the signature Philosophy Amazing Grace fragrance and I barely got any of that when I used the product, none of its floral muskiness came through. That was one issue, the other was performance. For a high end deodorant, this really needs an upgrade in the performance department… it was failing me by mid-day.

Sadly, this one needs to go back to Philosophy for reformulation. If they improve the formula, it may be worth a shot but until that happens, save your money gals.

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