Top Spa Treatments That You Can Do At Home

Every lady wants and loves to feel awesome each day and the best way to do that is to look stunning at all times. One of the most popular places for women for getting inspiration and turning themselves into goddesses is the spa. While the spa does provide a lot of great stuff, at times, it’s just too pricey for some to visit on a daily basis. That, however, does not mean you have to wait for ages before you can turn yourself into a goddess; all you need is to read this article and learn about all the major treatments that you get at a spa which you can do on your own in your own room! If however, you prefer a spa at all times, then you can visit and play some really cool games which are also profitable from which you get the money to visit the spa.

Natural Hair Conditioning

For those who are looking for soft and silky hair, you need to consider the following treatment which you can do in your own room. You need an avocado, honey, heavy cream, a blender and a comb. Mix one avocado, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream and one teaspoon of honey using a blender. When the mixture is thick enough, pour it inside a small container and use a comb to apply it to the hair. The avocado and the heavy cream which are rich in emollient will penetrate your hair making the hair soft and silky, the honey is important for your scalp, it moisturizes the scalp and it also acts as a natural antibacterial agent.

Scrubbing Hands

After the face, most people pay attention to the hands and that’s why it’s important for every lady to have well moisturized and soft hands. At home, you can turn your dry hands into soft, oily and well-moisturized hands. To do this, you need honey, plastic wrap, sugar, olive oil, a blender and a microwave. Mix half a cup of sugar and half a cup of olive oil in a blender. When the mixture has become thick enough, apply it on your hands. Wait for some few seconds or a minute and rinse off the mixture. Warm a quarter cup of honey in the microwave and thereafter apply it to your hands. Proceed to wrap your hands with a plastic wrap and wait for 30 minutes. Afterwards, remove the plastic wrap and rinse off the honey. On your own, you will be amazed by the results.

Facial Mask

Soft, smooth and radiant facial skin is the wish for all ladies. To get yourself such face skin, you will need to consider this home remedy. Look for cheese, honey, cocoa, heavy cream, and oatmeal powder. Also if you have one, you will need a blender. Mix three teaspoons of oatmeal powder with a quarter cup of honey, two teaspoons of cottage cheese, three tablespoons of heavy cream and a quarter cup of cocoa. When the mixture becomes thick, apply it onto your face and wait for 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off the mixture and watch the newly ‘created’ soft, smooth and radiant skin on your face.

Instagram User to Follow: @DakotaScarlett

I’m on Instagram more than ever these days, constantly drawing inspiration from what I’m seeing. MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist Keri Blair recently reposted some amazing illustrations by Dakota Scarlett and it blew my mind. I spent some time combing through her feed and instantly wished I was just 1/16th as talented as she is so I thought I’d post about her to make sure @dakotascarlett is on your radar too!

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Beauty Products I Miss: Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers


Ever have a product that you love and suddenly, inexplicably, they are no where to be found? This is how I feel about some of my favorites from Rimmel. Without warning, the products I’m loving mysteriously disappear from drugstore shelves.

My first experience with this was their Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquers shown here. Before matte liquid lipsticks were on the scene, Rimmel introduced these as an alternative to the liquid lipsticks being put out at the time by brands like Guerlain. At a fraction of the price, I stocked up and happily kept them everywhere I could possibly need them. Then they were gone and before long, the only shades I could find were the ones no one wanted on clearance.

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My Three Favorite Holiday Beauty Products

This year for the holidays, I’ve kept my look super simple and it’s been a great time saver. I’ve added just a few products outside of my regular makeup routine to add a little sparkle this season, otherwise it is business as usual. Here are the holiday beauty products that I’ve added to my arsenal this season:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadows
Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadows

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Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

This morning while I was browsing what’s new at Sephora, this little gem immediately stood out to me: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer. I have always loved Kate Somerville’s line and have had the pleasure of meeting Kate 3 times now, I would recommend her products to anyone looking for good skincare. Which is why I’m dying to get my hands on this moisturizer.

The idea with ExfoliKate Glow was to take Kate’s hero product ExfoliKate (often described as Kate in a jar) and transform it into a moisturizer that gently and effectively exfoliate skin from within. The same papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes found in ExfoliKate are also found in this new moisturizer along with a trio of acids to help smooth and hydrate skin at the same time. Glycolic and lactic acid will help exfoliate skin and hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate skin.

In case you’re wondering what is in this product to counteract any possible irritation caused by this exfoliating skin cocktail, ExfoliKate Glow also contains prickly pear extract. This is known as being anti-inflammatory, soothing and deeply nourishing. It is a great ingredient to have in skincare as it also has brightening and anti-aging properties in it.

You can find the new Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer now in Sephora and online at retailing for $65.

Le Mini Macaron Hand & Nail Masks

Got 15 minutes to spare? You might need to spend that free time moisturizing those cuticles and your hands with these new Le Mini Macaron Hand and Finger Masks. How cute is this packaging? Just launched this month, these masks retail between $4.50 to $4.99 and are a great way to indulge in a little self-care.

Le Mini Macaron is known for their affordable at-home gel-manicure kits. Now they’ve come out with some treatments to help restore nails to their rightful glory. I’m a little obsessed with this packaging though, makes me want some sort of dessert concoction with ice cream in it tonight.

Here are the new masks introduced this month:

Le Mini Macaron Jasmine Green Tea Hand Mask
Le Mini Macaron Jasmine Green Tea Hand Mask

I’ve been telling myself I’m going to start making care packages with cool beauty products for friends and family, specifically had my future mother-in-law in mind for this. Wouldn’t this be a great addition to a gift basket with some soaps and body lotions in it? A few hand masks and nail masks are definitely going on my shopping to-do list. How about you? Is your curiosity getting the better of you? 😉

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way…

My Pretty Nails and Engagement Ring
My Pretty Nails and Engagement Ring

Since my last post, I have been working on re-branding Product Girl into something new. I have been taking my time with it so that it feels right, comfortable. I settled on a new name, registered the domain, moved all the content over and started working on a new look when something happened and everything came to a halt.

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Making Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup – How it Works

If you are a fan of the big brands, such as MAC Cosmetics, you will know that some makeup trends come and go. There is always a new look being talked about all over social media. One thing that does not change is the fascination with big and beautiful eyes. The problem is that the majority of women are not lucky enough to be born with large eyes.

The good news is that you can use makeup to create the effect of your eyes being larger than they actually are. Do not forget, eyes are one of the first things many people notice about you, so you need to make sure they really pop. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Use nude shadow on your eyelids

Nude shadow is always a good base. It’s the perfect start to making your eyes stand out.

Use the right eyeliner in the right way

Pick up an eyeliner in a light brown color and use it to line both the upper and lower lids of your eyes. If you want to lengthen the appearance of your eyes, you should make sure that the eyeliner is heavier at the outside corners.

Use a little light to brighten your eyes

You do not have to use a dark eyeliner on your lower lids. You can opt to use a neutral or white pencil. Using this type of pencil along the line of your lower lashes helps to brighten the area around your eyes. This, in turn, can make them appear larger.

Apply a different shadow tone

Adding depth to the area around your eyes helps them to stand out. All you have to do is select a shade of shadow that is a little darker than the nude shadow that is already in place. You should apply it to the crease and then work it upwards with your finger, to blend it in.

Highlight your eyes

You can use a highlighter in a couple of places around your eyes. Use a little in the corners and then some more under your brows.

Do not forget the mascara

Applying mascara is a very important task if you want your eyes to appear larger than they are. You should curl your lashes, to begin with then coat them with black mascara. Apply a few coats for maximum effect. You may even want to consider investing in false lashes, to complete your look.

All of these tips are very useful when it comes to making your eyes look bigger, using make-up. If you were not blessed with big eyes naturally, you can still make the most of what you have. Use makeup in the right way and you will soon have people admiring your eyes. People do tend to start forming opinions about your appearance when they first see you, so it’s great to make a good impression.

The Facts About Dermaroller Procedures

If you have heard of the process of micro-needling before then you already have a rough idea of what a Dermaroller is. Micro-needling devices are hand-held apparatuses that are covered with small needles used for skincare treatments. Dermarollers are micro-needling devices that are specifically designed in the shape of rollers, as opposed to stamp-like micro-needlers or micro-needling pens.

Why There Are Different Types of Micro-Needling Tools

The reason that micro-needling devices vary is that the stamp and pen versions are meant more for treating small patches of skin. They can help to redistribute collagen and smooth out single wrinkles or lighten individual scars. A Dermaroller is a bit different because it is a larger device that can cover a bigger section of skin. That means that it’s helpful for revitalizing your skin, in general. It’s not really meant to do small spot treatments.

What Makes the Dermaroller Work?

Dermarollers work because the tiny needles on them poke holes in your skin. Those holes are microscopic and won’t do any major damage to you as a person. However, they do enough damage to your skin cells for your body’s healing processes to view the holes as a threat. As a result, substances like collagen and elastin are sent to those areas to patch the holes. Certain other skincare machines, like lasers for instance, do the same thing but using different methods.

While Dermarollers are not better or worse than lasers in general, they can be better for you specifically. That’s because you may have a skin type that doesn’t react well to laser treatment. If so, you might benefit from Dermaroller treatment, whereas laser treatment could cause some side effects that you don’t want, such as blisters.

Dermaroller Technicians and Clinical Treatment Appointments

Technically you aren’t required to have a Dermaroller procedure done in a clinic. There are kits you can buy to perform the procedure on yourself in the comfort of your own home. However, there are a few potential issues with that.

First of all, there can be a lot of discomfort associated with home Dermaroller kits. Second, there may be sections of skin you want to treat that you can’t reach. Third, if you aren’t a train skincare technician then you might have trouble accurately carrying out the process in the best possible way. Whereas, if you go to a local clinic, you can be treated by a trained technician and get the best results.

Another issue is one of potential contamination. When you’re at home there may be a lot more chances for bacterial infections to set in because the device pokes holes in the protective outer layer of your skin, which serves as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of your body. In aclinical setting technicians can use numbing creams for your comfort, and they can also use medicated salves to  prevent any potential infections.

Letting Your Skin Heal After a Dermaroller Treatment

Dermaroller treatments don’t produce instant results. In fact, your skin might ooze, bleed, or become red right after your clinic appointment. All of that is normal. The results will come gradually, as your body heals itself after your appointment. Your clinician should also give you a medicated cream to apply at home, which should speed the healing process along and give you healthier looking skin that much faster.

Add A Personal Touch To An Already Invaluable Gift

Jewelry has been an integral part of our everyday lives ever since diamonds were discovered and began to be used as exquisite gifts to show affection towards someone. Times have changed however and jewelry is now perceived as a multi-purpose accessory which enhances the appearance and status of a person.

The era in which jewelry was perceived as being an item with a strong bond to women as many men are choosing to adopt this stylish accessory to add a personal touch or express their high status to people around them. Not only does it improve the looks of anyone who wears it but items such as custom rings add a touch of personality and elegance to everyone who wears them.

Jewelry comes in various shapes and sizes and is widely perceived to be as the best way to express richness, status and power along with dresses and other accessories. In a lot of cultures a well crafted custom ring is used to express marital status and engagement.

The ideal engagement ring comes with months of planning ahead as one has to make sure that the gift is well suited to the personality of the receiver. One is advised to look online and browse jewelry categories in order to find the perfect match. A wide variety of materials is put at everyone’s disposition to choose such as diamonds, colored gemstones as well as different materials with which the ring’s body is crafted with.

Make sure to look at well renowned jewelry stores and do some research beforehand to ensure that what you are buying will last a lifetime.  It can also be regarded as a great investment for businessmen as the materials which comprise the piece are getting harder and harder to find and will not depreciate in value, but instead increase over time.

Those who have even the slightest of fashion sense understands that jewelry should be the centerpiece of everyone’s apparel especially when finding them in a professional environment. There are many rules of style such as when working in the business sector one must wear light and sober accessories such as small earrings and pendants while more bulky jewelry is usually encountered at important events in one’s life such as weddings, social parties as well as anniversaries.

Custom rings have always proved to be the perfect accessory for every occasion as they not only express a feeling of power, luxury and exquisiteness but also high status and pride.