Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection

The Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection Polishes

The Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection has been in regular nail rotation around Product Girl headquarters lately. While I was away, it sat quietly on my desk just waiting for someone to play with it for the first few weeks. First I noticed a shade missing from the bunch, then another one went missing and before I knew it, the whole collection had disappeared… and with good reason, it is gorgeous. You gals know I love a good creme polish and this whole collection is the embodiment of creme summer hotness in six bottles.

I really love Zoya’s approach to releasing new collections. They usually release 2-part collections, one with cremes and another with metallic or shimmers, whatever is on trend for the coming season. Normally I’m “meh” about metallic shades so I have come to count on Zoya for my creme fix and they delivered once again with Stunning.┬áThis collection is a favorite of mine for this season because all six shades are perfect for summer but I can see myself wearing most of these shades throughout the year in one way or another.

As I was trying on this collection, I became inspired to do something I never, ever, ever do… attempt to create some nail art (keep reading to see the look I created). These shades lend themselves so well to this. Darcy, the yellow in this collection, is not a shade I would typically wear on its own but I can see it becoming a staple in my new-found effort to be a nail artiste. ­čśë

Here’s a closer look at the shades in this collection:

The Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection Polishes

  • Yana – magenta pink cream
  • Micky – baby pink cream
  • Thandie – tangerine orange cream
  • Darcy – sunny yellow cream
  • Josie – grassy green cream
  • Rocky – ┬áperiwinkle blue cream

Each shade in this collection gives you full coverage in a two coats, some practically with one, and the formula is right on point. It flows easily onto the nail and levels out nicely. Darcy is the only shade that I felt it was really necessary to go with two coats and even then, it is not nearly as streaky as other yellows I have tried… Chanel Mimosa anyone? You can see below how one coat looks on my nail art attempt fail from last week.

My 1st Attempt at Nail Art
My 1st attempt at nail art using Darcy over Thandie. Sad, right?

I have to admit, I’ve always admired nail art but I was never motivated enough to attempt it myself. It always seemed like something I couldn’t do because I’m not that artistic or creative. Suddenly it seemed possible. I painted my nails, slopily I might add, with Thandie and thought I’d paint a corner on each nail with Darcy. Easy enough, right? What I should have done was put some tape over my nails and then painted on a coat of Darcy. That’s something I’ll be trying next time I attempt to be creative with my nails. I’ll let you know how it goes. The funny thing was my nails got a lot of attention and compliments for as bad as I felt they looked.

Have you picked up any shades from this collection? What did you add to your nail stash? And what’s on your nails this week? I’m traveling to Connecticut for the blog this week so I opted for some chip-insurance and went with a CND Decadence Shellac mani for the trip, otherwise I would be rocking another nail art attempt (a better one!) with shades from this collection.

Disclosure: A sample of this collection was provided for consideration.

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