Just Another Mani Monday: Zoya Gemma & Zoya Intimate Collection

This week’s manicure is Zoya’s Gemma. My tastes are definitely changing because I could not imagine like anything but red cremes a few years ago. Now I’m branching out into all kinds of shades and this gem is a great example of my ever changing taste in nail polish. This beauty is part of the Zoya Intimate collection, Gemma is an avocado green with a blue/purple duo-chrome finish… it is just beautiful and I am all about Gemma right now. This polish’s formula is well pigmented, two coats of polish was all I needed to achieve the color in the bottle and there was no cuticle drag at all. This shade will be the star of many more spring manicures to come.

The rest of the Zoya Intimate collection is equally gorgeous. It has some soft, muted color but also has a few bolder metallic shades. The shades in this collection truly bring to mind the romance the collection was inspired by. Other shades in this collection include:

  • Marley – lavender pink with a whisper of metallic
  • Dove – delicate, pale gray cream
  • Caitlin – misty, moody gray violet cream
  • Dannii – sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic
  • Jules – soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic

If nothing else, get yourself some Gemma. Then if you have room to expand a little more, take a look at Marley, Caitlin and Dove. Can you tell what shades are my favorites?

How about you? What’s on your nails this week? Let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Zoya Gemma & Zoya Intimate Collection”

  1. pretty! understated but still able to catch the eye with its softness. Jules also looks interesting in the photo… Will have to make a trip to the beauty supply store and look at these in person…(i think tZoya is carried at Beauty Supply Plus)

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