In Need of Serious Therapy

So earlier this week I purchased a beautiful Mac lippie in Dubonnet, a deep Bordeaux color, and as usual I ran right home to attempt a perfect application so that I could fondly admire my new acquisition. However to my dismay, my Dubonnet coated lips looked more like wine soaked brillo pads. I had obviously not realized how flaky and weather worn my pucker had become.

Yu-Be Lip Therapy This now lead me on a quest for some serious lip repair. On this mission I came across Yu-be Lip Therapy. Can we say Hallelujah? Not only was this very healing but unlike many lip treatments it left my lips very smooth even when the product was not on. It actually helped heal them not just coated them with waxes to make them appear soft. Now I must tell you fellow lip lovers it didn’t smell like yummy cupcakes or taste like European imported Chocolate but it did indeed do the job and if you can get past the initial camphor scent that only lasted a few moments upon application I think you will be happily surprised by the results for around $5 that’s definitely a treat!

P.S. I have been rockin’ a beautiful and smooth Dubonnet painted pout ever since!