You Call That a Beauty Section?

I have routine every month… I buy every magazine that has a decent beauty section. This usually includes Lucky, Shop ETC, InStyle and Allure. Then I flip through the pages and make mental notes of all the things I thought were interesting. This month, I was looking at the cover of Marie Claire and it mentioned it’s beauty special on the cover. A 100 page beauty section? I’m in.

oct_marieclaire.jpg I started flipping through the magazine and then I realized that most of this was fluff. They even highlighted some products that were pretty old, at least one could be pretty hard to find since it may be sold out. About half of the section was advertising. I’m not naive enough to think that advertising wouldn’t be in the picture, but out of the 58 pages of advertising, 27 pages of ads were all in a row… I actually sat there and counted them. I think I remember why I stopped buying that magazine, I think I’m out now.

oct_allure.jpg On the other hand, Allure is pretty good this month. I’ve started to become a little dissapointed with Allure lately, especially after the inaccuracies on their beauty blogs article a few issues back but this month’s issue was very interesting. It’s their Best of Beauty issue so there were tons of products mentioned but it also has some “Beauty 101″ tips and an article on perfumers. This issue was more enjoyable for me than some of their recent issues and it was about time.

Do you read Marie Claire? I love Carrie Bradshaw as much as the next person but this was a huge dissapointment. I didn’t even read the rest of the magazine.

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8 Responses to “You Call That a Beauty Section?”

  1. Marcy says:

    Hmm.. I may have to check out that edition of Allure. Thanks for the tip!

    I used to get Marie Claire, but found that there wasn’t that much of interest to read– I liked that they did all the special interest stories on women’s groups around the world, etc, but I’d also go through an entire magazine in a few hours and be done with it. So when my subscription ran out I didn’t renew.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for voicing my EXACT opinion!!!! I used to like MC but I think after the last issue I’m done with it. And you’re right, the Allure issue was good this month.

  3. jennifern says:

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