YoDerm: Visit a Dermatologist From the Comfort of Your Own Home!


My skin is one of my biggest insecurities. Being in my late thirties, every time I break out, I want to hide until my skin is clear. Acne chips away at my confidence at times. It makes me look down and avoid looking people in the eye when they talk to me or shy away from loved ones when they try to touch my face. I can handle bad hair days, that’s easy to hide, but what I hate is bad skin days. You can’t hide that quite as easily.

Because of this, I turned to prescription medication. I’ve visited a handful of dermatologists in the last few years but I didn’t feel like I was actually heard. I walked away with a prescription for spironolactone but no real advice in terms of skincare. I’ve been on spironolactone for a few years now and I’ve seen some improvement in my skin but not as much as I hoped for. I wanted more progress but the dermatologists I saw didn’t offer any other alternatives.

A few weeks ago I began researching a few other prescription medications that I hoped would put an end to my bouts of painful cystic acne. Right when I was considering visiting a new dermatologist to explore this, I received an offer to try a consultation with a dermatologist from YoDerm.com. The timing was perfect so I couldn’t say no, I was eager to try this service and see what would happen.


YoDerm.com is an online service providing consultations with a dermatologist from the privacy of your own home. The service costs $59 and is fairly straight forward. You start by being matched with a dermatologist then answer a comprehensive survey about your skin, your concerns and your health (including current medication). As part of the process, you provide YoDerm.com with several photos of your skin at different angles so the dermatologist can try to provide you with the best consultation possible. Within 24 hours, your dermatologist will provide you with a treatment plan and be available to answer any questions. All in all, a very simple process that really doesn’t take long at all.

From start to finish, I really liked my experience with YoDerm.com… and I had high expectations. I started and completed this process on my phone without any issues whatsoever, you can see some screenshots of the website here. It is very mobile friendly. The process was easy and straightforward, was not overwhelming at all. I tried to provide as much detail as humanly possible because I figured there was no such thing as too much information with working with a remote dermatologist. Once you complete the survey, YoDerm sends your treatment plan within 24 hours.


To my surprise, I had a treatment plan within an hour of submitting my survey and photos of my skin. I was instantly impressed with YoDerm from that point forward. My treatment plan consisted two prescriptions, one for Epiduo gel (the medication I wanted) and another for doxycycline monohydrate. The prescriptions were sent straight to my pharmacy so I didn’t have to print anything and take it in, it is there waiting for me when I’m ready.


It also included skin care recommendations I plan on implementing once I finish what I’m currently using. After I reviewed the treatment plan, I had a few questions for my dermatologist. YoDerm.com has a messaging system you can use to communicate with your dermatologist so I submitted my questions and waited for my answer. I had my questions answered in under an hour. I received a few more messages from YoDerm after my questions were answered, follow ups including offering help with the costs of prescriptions if needed. Color me impressed with their quick turnaround, consideration and communication with their patients!


I haven’t added the new medication to my routine yet, I’m getting ready to do that soon. My consultation says to follow up in 2 months so I definitely plan on doing that. Only caveat there is that you pay another $59 to follow up on a consultation but even a dermatologist would charge you for a return visit, but I just think of it as a co-pay.

I’ve already recommended YoDerm to a few people. If you’re like me, and I think a lot of you are, you do your research and know what you want to try. Sometimes you need a convenient way to get what you want and be on your way. YoDerm is definitely that but they are also attentive and considerate of their patients. What’s not to like?

Disclosure: this consultation was free of charge in exchange for my honest review of their service. Referral links are also included in this post.