I Whish This Lived Up to the Hype

Deborah Messing, Jennifer Garner and Brooke Shields are all fans of Whish Body Products. Whish has a reputation for adding luxury to women’s every day shaving routines. I have been using the same old aluminum can of drugstore shave gel for as long as I’ve been shaving my legs so I was excited to try Whish Regency 120 Travel Bag.

Whish Regency 120 Travel Bag The kit includes Papaya Coconut Shave Crave (shaving cream), Papaya Coconut Shave Savour (aftershave) and Original Body Brush, all housed in an adorable vinyl cosmetic bag. Unlike most other women’s shaving products, Shave Crave comes in a plastic jar and is meant to be applied with the Body Brush, an old-fashioned animal-hair shave brush. Once you swirl the brush into the cream, the lather achieved is incomprarable to that which I am used to, but still produced a smooth, nick-free shave. Afterwards, I made sure to use Shave Savour, although I don’t think I’ve ever used an aftershave on my legs before. For a product touted as “Papaya Coconut”, I was surprised that the scent was very mild. Overall, I was satisfied with my shave, but not entirely impressed. Later in the week, I attempted the same process and just as I went to swirl my Body Brush into the Shave Crave, the brush broke in half right in my hands!

I love the concept of taking a little extra time and energy and applying it towards a perfect shave, however I am lead to believe that the quality of Whish products is questionable. The price of this set was $85 and didn’t even last me two shaves.

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