What's New in Beauty: September 11, 2011

We’re very conscious today at Product Girl just what today is all about. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families of 9/11. We can’t believe it’s been 10 years, and we’ll certainly never forget…where we were and how the world has changed. Peace and love to everyone this Sunday. We leave you with a few beauty tidbits to wrap up the week.

It’s Fashion Week, which means we’ll see the fashions and beauty trends to come for Spring 2012. NARS created the look for the Joy Cioci runway show, which is all about a “free-spirited woman in pursuit of love.” The NARS look, shown in the face chart, is about Radiant Skin, created with the new Tinted Moisturizers coming out in the spring, as well as a precisely lined, neon-red lip.

Bobbi Brown started a blog! Everything Bobbi has the best tagline: A blog based on truth, beauty and being amazing.  In this post, she also teases about the inspiration behind her forthcoming Spring 2012 Miami collection!

By Elizabeth Dehn’s amazing skincare trio is on sale — $90 for the Shea Cream, Face Spray and The Serum. Get on it for the upcoming winter season, your skin will thank you! [ByElizabethDehn.com]

The 2011 version of our favorite Trish McEvoy beauty collection, The Voyager, has been revealed. A double decker Little Black Card and some of the best travel brushes you’ll ever own. [TrishMcEvoy.com]

The Beauty Event is going on at Neiman Marcus. If you’re doing some beauty shopping, do it there and snag a cute tote and some samples.