What’s in Sara’s Bag?

What's in Sara's Bag I hope you guys are loving this feature that Carla has going with taking a peak inside the bags of fellow bloggers and readers- I know I am!

In addition to blogging for Product Girl, I also have my own blog at Bombshell Beauty. Here’s what I lug around in my Kathy Van Zeeland bag – a few necessities, a few things even I was surprised to find, and a whole lot of lipgloss. Check it out…

What's in Sara's Bag

  • Old school planner because I’m a really tactile person (I like the whole pen and paper thing as opposed to a Blackberry).
  • Pink Motorola Razr.
  • Mead notebook for making lists and jotting down review ideas for Bombshell Beauty and Product Girl.
  • iPod Nano
  • Cocktail ring from Mark
  • Leather business card holder
  • Pile of receipts from a shopping trip this weekend
  • Target sunglasses
  • Watermelon flavored Dum Dum sucker
  • Savannah Bee Company’s Magnolia Hand Lotion

What's in Sara's Bag In my blue and white striped makeup bag (from Bath and Body Works), I carry an insane variety of lip gloss, including:

I carry a few other products, too:

  • Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten
  • Mark Eyemarker in Java
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque
  • Visine for Contacts
  • Bliss Manicure’s Best Friend