What’s in Jazmin’s Bag?

Today we’re looking at what’s in Jazmin’s bag. She’s blogs over at Makeup Moxie and she’s got some great product reviews you should check out. Here’s Jazmin…

What's in Jazmin's Bag?

You’re looking at my well-loved (i.e. regularly abused) Kenneth Cole bag. There are lots of hidden pockets and compartments in it, so there’s undoubtedly something lost in there that I didn’t include in the photos. And, no, I don’t actually keep the Chihuahua in my bag (though he might be able to fit in there). He just likes weaseling his way into pictures.

So here’s what’s in my bag:

My Coach wristlet holds all my most important must-haves (wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss, gum). That way, if I don’t feel like schlepping my whole purse around with me, I can just pull out the wristlet and be on my way. The cute little makeup bag with the hand-embroidered llamas on it is a souvenir that one of my sisters bought for me in Peru. While I don’t want to wear it out by using it everyday, I love it and it makes me happy so I use it anyway.

What's in Jazmin's Bag?

Inside the llama bag, I keep my Global Goddess Foundation/Concealer compact, MAC Tendertone Lip Balm, Cargo Mattifier, Neutrogena blotting papers (yep, I’m seriously into oil-control), and a Shiseido eyelash curler (don’t tell my Shu Uemura curler that I’m cheating on it when I’m away from home). I also always have my trusty Tweezerman folding lash comb.”

Other random stuff in my bag:

  • Netflix DVD’s that I’ve been meaning to return for, like, two weeks. I think the discs in there are the last disc of Rome: Season Two and Glengarry Glen Ross.
  • Rechargeable batteries for my camera (which is also often in my bag)
  • A couple of USB keys with my websites and other files on them
  • A digital security key for my PayPal account
  • Eyedrops (summer in the desert makes my eyes super dry)
  • A couple of cheap pens from the Bellagio and Silverton casinos 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll be showing you what’s in Jennifer’s bag from Beauty in Real Life.