What’s in Cindy’s Bag?

This morning we’re looking at what’s in Cindy’s bag. Cindy’s the gal behind Hello Dollface. Not only does she cover beauty but she also has some funny celebrity commentary that’s worth checking out. Let’s check out her bag…

What's in Cindy's Bag

“I almost always carry Orbit gum and blow big bubbles. How ladylike!
Blotting Papers for mid-day shine.
Lipgloss, a must have! As well as NARS and Bourjois lipgloss.
Moisturizer for dry skin
A bobby pin, just in case.
Tweezers, in the car is the best place to tweeze!
Ponnytail holder for a windy day.
Blush brush from Stila
Clinique Pore filler, I love this stuff!
An old pan of Maybelline blush.
Rosebud salve for dry cuticles, lips and hands.
Alison Raffaele concealer.”

“What’s you don’t see is receipts from Target, Starbucks, local bagel store and Trader Joes. Arbonne Hand Cream, Burts Bees lip balm, a variety of pens that don’t work, a few random dollar bills, coins at the bottom of the purse, more receipts, a few pieces of unwrapped gum, a small notebook and a cell phone.”

Check back tomorrow for a look at what Jazmin from Makeup Moxie is packing.