What's in Carleen's Bag?

Today we’re looking at what’s in Carleen’s bag. Carleen is the editor Beauty, Fashion and Tech and GirlGloss. Let’s see what she says…

“I love this Nine West bag! It is one of those super sale finds that I got at Macy’s. I think I paid only $24 for it, when it originally was $100. My husband rolled his eyes over me buying yet another bag, but at least this one was pretty cheap!”

What's in Carleen's Bag

“The contents show just how addicted I am to lip products. I hardly ever carry much makeup, but will have a bag full of gloss and balm! Usually it will be just my favorites, but I have so darn many!” Here’s what’s inside:

MAC Fafi: Strawbaby lipstick
3 MAC Fafi lipglasses
Revlon: Just bitten
2 Maybelline shine seduction glosses, one plumping and one not
Benefit, The Gloss
Neutrogena gloss
Caudalie Lip Conditioner
1 regular MAC Lipglass
Shisiedo lipgloss
Lancome Pixel Pink lipstick
2 banana boat lip balms
cocoa butter balm
Smashbox double sided gloss
Stila lipgloss
Rimmel Vinyl Lip plumper
Bagder Cocoa Butter Balm
Cat Cosmetics lip liner
Color Science powder sunscreen
Creme de la Mer sample size
iWhite tooth whitener touch up

Non cosmetic stuff:
Pink Razor phone
ipod nano
Motion sickness tabs
biner key chain
2 pens

“The one non-lip cosmetic item that I can’t live without is the Colorscience sunscreen. That follows me everywhere so that I can reapply sunscreen without messing up my makeup.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with a peak at what Cindy from Hello Dollface is carrying.

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  1. Finally! Another person on this planet that carries just as much lipgloss around as I do. I was beginning to think I was unique or something…LOL =P YOIu know how the Beauty Addict has an encyclopedia of mascara? YOu should totally do one for lippies!

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