We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

What do you get when you have me trying to perform a memory upgrade on my own computer? You get a busted computer. I got a little ambitious over the holiday weekend and tried to install some memory in my computer, I guess I was inspired by the deal I got. smile While I was trying to disconnect everything, I somehow messed up the cord to my monitor (the one that doesn’t come out) and my computer seems to be stuck in DOS mode now. Moral of the story, I’m out of commission for a little while but I’ll be back as soon as I can.

In the meantime, let’s pretend you have the chance to ask a world renowned makeup artist any question you would like. What would you ask? Here’s your chance. We’ll give you more details on this when we’re back in full operating mode but for now, leave a comment and ask a question. You may see you’re question answered here soon.