Beauty VIP of the Week: Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk

I crave simplicity, yet, recognize that I’m way too OCD to actually achieve that on most days. For example, take my nightly cleansing routine. I absolutely MUST get every trace of makeup off. I use an eye makeup remover, a cleansing oil or lotion, followed by my Clarisonic + face wash and a post facial mist or hydrating water pre-serum/moisturizer/etc. It’s more time intensive than perhaps it needs to be, but I dig my rituals. Except when I want to be simple. Which is where Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk enters the picture and gives me exactly what I need.

Cleansing Milks have always been one of those “good in theory” products for me, but always seemed to fall short in practice. But not the Weleda. Which is why it is this week’s Beauty VIP. Aside from eye makeup, which I insist on always being “step one,” this breaks down all of the makeup on my face AND doesn’t need a follow-up cleanse. Just a one-stop shop that happens to smell like a fancy spa and leave my skin soft and supple. I love that this is an effective natural option, with natural essential oils and organic jojoba seed oil to help break down the makeup and moisturize the skin.

I snagged this at Target (Target coupon code) last month during a clearance sale, but you can find it at Whole Foods and other e-tailers like for about $19. L-O-V-E this new bathroom counter staple!