An Oil-Lover's Paradise Found in Weleda Body Oil Essentials Kit

Once you discover how amazing oils are for your skin, you never go back. I can actually think of my life in two eras now…B.O. and A.O. (before and after oil — although the former doesn’t quite have the connotation I was hoping for, even with the added punctuation).

As you can imagine, in this A.O. world I’m living, I get very excited about trying new oils. When I saw the lovely rainbow that is the Weleda Body Oil Essentials Kit, I was downright giddy. Everything from Lavender and Pomegranate to Wild Rose and Sea Buckthorn, with promises of regenerating, relaxing and helping smooth out cellulite?  Yes please.

What’s even better is that Weleda’s body oils are formulated naturally from plant, nut and seed oils and with consistent use can truly benefit the health of your skin. Plus, they smell and feel amazing — and moisturize like no lotion can.

I live for a few drops of the Lavender in my bath water, but have been using the others as moisturizer post-shower, while the skin is damp. Just take a small amount and massage into the skin until absorbed. No residue, no mess – I promise! The small sizes are great for finding your faves, but don’t be surprised if you want them all!

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  1. These Oils look amazing. I can’t believe how many different types are available. It really is a great tip you shared about adding them to your bath water.

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