We Heart Nars: Smokey Eye Shadow Duos

We Heart Nars week continues here at Product Girl with a spotlight on smokey eyes using Nars Eye Shadow duos. I think that Nars creates some of the most unique eye shadow combinations and pairs colors together that are out of the ordinary. Among the many Nars eye shadow duos are some amazing smokey eye combos. The duos I most love are “smokey” with a twist – a departure from the traditional black and charcoal. For this reason, I absolutely heart Cordura, Brumes and Eurydice eye shadow duos.

Cordura is stunning with a shimmer chocolate brown and a deeper sooty brown. It’s the ultimate brown smokey eye. I usually pack the sooty color on the lid and use the chocolate color in the crease to blend and along the lower lash line. Load it up with black liner and it’s so dramatic, yet softer because brown is the dominant color. I have blue eyes and this duo makes them pop insanely!

I wasn’t sold on Eurydice, recently released this past holiday, until I tested it at the counter. The charcoal side of it is so dynamic – it has multi-colored shimmer particles and is incredibly pigmented. That alone made an instant must. Often times, I use that color on its own but when paired with the purple side it’s a total rock star duo. The purple is best patted on with a flat brush because it does sheer out some. But just look at it! It’s a very sapphire purple. Gorgeous, right?!

And then we have Brumes. It looks slightly dull when swatched but I promise you it’s anything but. The matte grey side is like butter – it’s the softest matte shadow I’ve ever used. And it pulls a little brown, so if you have blue eyes this duo will also make them appear brighter. The other side is a navy blue shimmer and it’s the perfect pairing to the matte. A navy smokey eye is very modern and appears to be on trend for fall.

Another great feature with Nars duos is they play well with other products. If you picked up any of the MAC Greaspaints from the Art Supplies collection, they are a great complement to these duos.

What are your favorite Nars eye shadow duos? Let us know your must-haves in the comments.

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