We Heart Nars: Five Must-Haves

We’ve spent most of this week showing you some of our favorite Nars products. And today we’re sharing our top five must-have Nars products. It’s both fun and challenging to generate a top five list when you’re beauty obsessed, so you know that these products must be all that and more!

Nars Abyssinia Eye Shadow is my all-time favorite highlighter shade from any brand. It’s a very simple creamy vanilla color with a pearly shimmer. I use it constantly as a highlighter, on the lid or to blend out a smokey eye. This eye shadow is perfection and I can’t be without it.

Like so many other women, I’m completey enamored with Nars Orgasm Blush because it is so flattering on my skin tone. I could wear this every day and never tire of it – it always looks good. And Nars Albatross Highlighter frames the face so beautifully and is an all-star highlighter. Seriously, if you love highlighteres this needs to be on your list. And the best part of it is, Orgasm & Albatross are sold as a duo.

Using the right brushes are essential and Nars Smudge Brush #15 far surpasses any other smudge brush I’ve used. It’s really the key to mastering a smokey eye for me. It is perfect for smudging liner or applying shadow to the lower lash line – even for defining the outer v area. It’s a worthy investment at $26.

Nars Sheer Glow foundation continues to rock my world in a big way. I love this formula! To each their own with foundation, but I can only rave about how this performs on my skin.

I mentioned how essential Nars Hydrating Freshening Lotion is to my daily routine and that is an understatement. Love this, gotta have it!

Now it’s your turn to share your must-haves. The floor is yours!

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