Want This: B Makowsky's Jakarta Tote

Last Friday night I saw two things that gave me a bit of pause… I saw the infamous Mary K Letourneau walking about in the Nordstrom beauty department (the woman looks exactly the same, she does not age!) and I saw a handbag that I have been obsessing about ever since, the B Makowsky Jakarta tote.

Note: different retailers have different colors so search around!

It must have been all the bright colors in the area because it was like I zeroed in on the B Makowsky Jakarta tote and couldn’t look away. I have a few different B Makowsky handbag and I have to tell you that they means business, their bags are well made. For as much as they are charging, they should be right? Only thing I can pick on here is the unfortunate choice of inside lining fabric but who’s really going to be looking at that anyhow? For a gal who use to only get her handbags from TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, this is a definite improvement. Now I’m just hoping I’ll find the color I want when the time comes. 🙂

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