Beauty VIP of the Week: Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Au Pair

Vapour Siren Lipstick might just be the most comfortable lipstick I’ve ever worn. The more I wear it, the more I just can’t stop. One, because I’ve found my perfect shade, Au Pair, a rosy pink, and two, because it doesn’t feel like lipstick. Au Pair is from Vapour’s Summer collection, and is a total standout. When you wear a gloss, you usually feel the slip or stick. When you wear lipstick, depending on the finish, you might be worrying about it drying out your lips, fading or lasting. With a balm, it’s all about comfort—assuming it’s not too waxy or thick. With Vapour Siren Lipstick, it’s weightless and has the color intesity of a lipstick in a moisturizing balm. And, there’s no worry about prepping your lips if they’re dry, this will revive them back to their ideal, moisturized state. Honestly, where has this product been all of my life?

Siren Lipstick is made with 70% organic ingredients and has yummy lemon balm, pomegranate, rose buds, jojoba oil and essential fatty acids. Can you tell why it’s this week’s Beauty VIP? The formula is everything, but the home run is definitely the color!

Have you tried Siren Lipstick yet? I can’t imagine Au Pair not being the perfect shade on everyone, so if you’re looking to try, there’s your in!

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  1. Thank you for showing us how this colour looks on you. Very becoming! I might well give it a try myself.

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