Natural Beauty Find: Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation


It is September 2012 and if you have yet to try Vapour Beauty, then you should change that situation a.s.a.p. Your year will take a turn for the plus. Everything I try from this organic beauty powerhouse is a win. No longer is it “for a natural product, it’s pretty good.” Vapour is superior to most non-natural brands. I love the way this industry is progressing. And my skin agrees. My most recent natural beauty find is Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. No chemicals, no irritants. Rather, 70% certified organic ingredients, like pumpkin and camellia, and 30% natural mineral pigments and vitamins.

Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation swatches, (L) S115, (R) S120

Vapour designed this to lend a soft finish to the skin. It blurs out blemishes and unevenness flawlessly. Just a pump is all you need (I’m a match to shade S115). Miraculously, I first started using this at the hottest point of the summer and my skin did not act out. There’s a satin feel (due to yummy ingredients, not silicones)  and I was wondering if it would slide off my face. When the ingredients are there to balance and do some good, you’ll be amazed at how positively your skin responds.

If you have aging skin (sadly, we all do, that’s life), then this is your friend. It softens the appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles, so you’ll look like you’re aging in the opposite direction.  $48 at

4 thoughts on “Natural Beauty Find: Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation”

  1. I so wish this foundation worked for me! I ordered the 5 sample package – 3 colors in this foundation and then 2 colors of the multi-use blush. The color match was good, liked the finish and how it felt. For some reason it just did not wear well on my skin and would tend to slide around even with powder (and I don’t have oily skin except for my chin and nose). Same thing with the multi-use blush. Sigh. Oh well, at least I tried! So happy to hear it’s good for you!

    1. The multi use blush has a much more ‘slippery’ (I guess that would be the word) feel to it than the multi use stain. I put the stain on under my make up so that it stays all day, powder it and then put the multi use blush over for the dewy effect. Even when the blush wears off, the stain under is still there. The stain is also perfect for keeping lips stained for hours. I get tons of compliments on my rosy complexion, which is totally due to Vapour. I never got this type of response from powdered blushes.

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