Look What's In My Vacation Makeup Bag

Vacations are awesome. Packing, though, not so much. I’m a chronic over-packer, especially when it comes to makeup! Not a surprise, is it?  My intentions are to pack lightly, but somehow it never really turns out that way. But how awesome is my makeup bag? I missed out on all Target Missoni in Chicago (and online), but I found this bag at my parent’s Target in Wisconsin. I totally love it.

Fits a ton, right?  There’s even several slots for brushes, but i opted to bring those in a separate roll. Instead, I use those pockets for my eyeliners, mascara and lip gloss. While I stashed many lip products and eyeliners in this bag, I tried to keep the core simple. For my face, I’ll be relying on Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm. I’ve got some concealers, and my new fave Bobbi Brown Skin Mineral Foundation, if I need a touch more. And since Paris is one of the stops on my vacation, I made sure to pack my NARS Pleasures of Paris Eyeshadow Palette. It’s got pretty much everything I need — including my all-time favorite “all-purpose” eyeshadow, Abyssinia!

I officially have about 24 hours before I leave, so I may try to pare this down somewhat. But, I can’t make any promises!

6 thoughts on “Look What's In My Vacation Makeup Bag”

  1. Oh my gosh, I love that makeup bag!!! I wish I had the chance to snag one of those. Definitely had no chance in the city =P

    Enjoy your vacation =) =) =)

  2. Cute! (and wow, you do have a LOT of stuff in there!). I went yesterday to my Target in Riverhead, NY and they had exactly 3 cami sets, and about 4 pairs of high heels. No home stuff…nada, bupkus!!

  3. I love that bag!!!! You really do fit a lot in there, that’s good to know because when I travel I want all of my favorite products. You were so lucky to get a Missoni, what a craze!

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