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It’s no doubt that Urban Decay’s eye shadow palettes are popular in the beauty community. They’ve got a knack for design some amazing palettes from their book of shadows to the infamous Naked and Naked2 palettes. One of my first ever palettes was from Urban Decay (Show Pony palette, love!) and I’ve been hooked on UD since. While their are tons of neutral, everyday palettes, not many brands come out with a “smoked” type palette. I was excited to get my hands on Urban Decay’s Smoked palette and I definitely think this is something everyone could use in their makeup collection.

For $49, you get 10 pigmented and buttery shadows, a travel size Primer Potion, and a full size Perversion eyeliner. It comes in a zip-up package which prevents that fear of your palette every opening. Also inside, an mirror on the inside cover and room to store an eyeliner. Let’s take a closer look at each shade along with swatches.

  • Kinky – creamy matte vanilla color. Great highlight color, but needs to be packed on a bit and may not suit some fair skinned girls as well.
  • Freestyle – matte warm nude color. This color is very warm and my only flop in the palette. I tried using it as a blending color but didn’t find it very useful. I think something liked Naked would have worked much better because its closer in tone to the rest of the palette.
  • Mushroom – metallic silvery taupe. Perfect all over lid color. It compliments every color in the palette nicely and really gives the lid some brightness with it’s metallic finish while still keeping it dark and sultry.
  • Backdoor – matte dark brown. It’s great to deepen the crease without adding more shimmer. It’s perfect for the outer corner and great on the lower lash line as well.
  • Blackout – matte black. One of the best blacks I’ve tried, it’s buttery, pigmented, and definitely packs a punch. It’s pigmented enough to use as liner for a smoked, smudged line, or with a wet brush for a precise winged line.
  • Barlust – metallic bronze brown. My favorite color in the palette, it’s a brown with bronzey toned sheen. Great as a lid color or on the outer half of the lid. I especially love it on the lower lash line because it really makes me brown eyes pop with its metallic finish.
  • Rockstar – deep shimmery purple. It’s great for a pop of color in the outer corner and really adds some color. Work it through your crease and smoke it out for a subtle purple hue to your smokey look. It blends well and doesn’t loose its shimmer.
  • Evidence – deep royal blue with a lighter blue sheen. This color is super unique. It’s dark but when it hits the light you can really see the light blue shimmer. Its a fun color to put on the lid because of how it catches the light.
  • Loaded – deep green, almost leaning towards teal. It’s my favorite color to put on the lower lash line. It really pops and makes your eyes look brighter. It’s pigmented and smooth like the rest and last all day on the lower lash line.
  • Asphalt – dark charcoal grey with silver shimmer. It’s great with Mushroom for a cooler combination and looks great with the whole bottom row of the palette. I noticed a bit  of fallout with this one, just a bit from the silver shimmer. Nothing a sweep of a brush can’t clean up but it was there. When blended out a lot, it’s shimmer subdues which makes it great in the crease if you want something not so shimmery.
  • Perversion 24/7 Glide-On Pencil – super creamy matte black. It’s one of the creamiest I’ve tried. It’s great for a super dark black waterline and tight line, and perfect for smudging and smoking out. What’s best is that you have some time to play with it, but once it sets it won’t budge.
  • Primer Potion – cult favorite, this eye primer is infamous for keeping your eye shadow crease free and lasting longer. This travel size will last you longer then expected because a little goes a long way.
Swatches from left to right: Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor, Blackout, Barlust, Rockstar, Evidence, Loaded, Asphalt

Overall I think this palette is a great value. The colors are buttery and pigmented and blend great together. They all compliment each other really well. The full sized eyeliner alone will put you back $19 so if that and at least 2 other shadows catch your eye, it’ll be worth the buck.

Even if you don’t wear smokey eyes often (like me, high school student here!), it’s still a great palette to have because you get a variety of darker colors to incorporated into your looks. Using them as liners or crease colors with some much lighter shades works great, and really takes a simple look to another level. If you’re like me and only buy neutrals and never really invested in some high quality darker colors, this palette is perfect to get a variety of darker colors for a great value.

And if you’re new to makeup don’t be scared! The Smoked palette comes with a very detailed, step by step booklet on how to create 12 different smokey looks. The Smoked palette has crossed me over from the neutral, light side to the sultry, dark side. Will you be getting smoked?

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