High Voltage Eyes with Deluxe Eyeshadow

I like to think of Urban Decay as that friend who I admire for her boldness and bravado with her makeup, the one who can pull of hot pink eyeshadow and make it look hot. These new Deluxe Eyeshadows only make me admire her even more.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow If the artistic packaging doesn’t catch your eye, then the colors will. This eyeshadow collection features the boldest colors I have seen in a long time. The vivid colors caught my attention and reeled me in… hook, line and sinker. I ended up getting Heat and Honey, a rich orange-red and a rich gold. Packaging aside, the texture of these eyeshadows is soft, they are easy to work with and blend and they are super pigmented as well. I put on a little Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base and I have on eyeshadow that goes the distance. While these eyeshadows are a bit more expensive than their other eyeshadows, you get quite a bit more product for the price and a completely different formula. I love playing around with Heat, a little bit of this in the crease reminds of me sunset.

5 thoughts on “High Voltage Eyes with Deluxe Eyeshadow”

  1. i love these eyeshadows. i have 5 of them and just love them. the pigments are amazing. the purple and pink look really good together. same with the bright blue and green. i really need to get the rest of them.

  2. I am starting to become obsessed with Urban Decay. I love that primer potion stuff so much that I wish they sold it vat style ala Costco.

    I will have to pick up some of the new Deluxe shadows too.

  3. thier new Deluxe shadows rock. they’re so highly pigmented and the formula’s so fine, it almost feels creamy. And they give amazingly intense color–I brought them to a shoot an the makeup artist used these over her own stuff (MAC) for certain shots! UD’s coming out with 4 more shades for Spring 07…3 neutrals and a saturated purple.

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