The Return of Deluxe Eye Shadow

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows In September, I talked about how much I liked Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eyeshadow. In that entry, Laura Kenney, Sephora’s Beauty Editor, mentioned that Urban Decay would be coming out with 3 more neutral shades and 1 saturated purple in the spring. Now imagine how excited I was I saw that my Sephora actually had these eyeshadows displayed. I. Was. Very. Excited.

The new shades are just gorgeous. I was initially excited about getting my hands on some new everyday shades, not even thinking about the new shade of purple. Upon seeing the beautiful purple shade called Ransom, I changed my mind… it’s just a stunning color. You can see it here to the left, it’s the shade on top. The other shades are beautiful as well. I was expecting some neutral matte color but I should have known better, instead we were given 3 wonderfully rich and shimmery shades of bronze, soft brown and peach. You can see them on the left as well, in order: Shag, Underground and Scratch. I can’t wait until Urban Decay releases more of these eyeshadows.

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  1. Hi Carla! I was wondering, are you going to keep up your podcast or are you stopping it? I hope you’ll keep it up, I miss it, It was good. Pleeease?

  2. Hi there. I did take a break from the podcast for awhile but I am planning on bringing it back. I hope to have a new episode in the next few weeks, just as soon as I can record an episode without being stuffed up. 🙂

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