Baked On Bronze

I saw this in Sephora on Wednesday and I couldn’t resist picking it up, even though bronzers are not my thing. Leave it to Urban Decay to come up with something like this. I wish they showed this packaged on their site.

Urban Decay Baked When I picked up Urban Decay’s Baked, I couldn’t help but smile. This product is a bronzer named “Baked” and it’s packaging includes a tinfoil cupcake holder. How cute is that? I love the play on words and packaging Urban Decay came up with here.

“Baked” is more than a name in this case, this bronzer is also baked. This makes for a more refined powder. It can be applied dry with a brush or wet with a sponge making a sheer cream with the bronzer for a deeper, tanned look. I applied this with my skunk brush and the product went on lightly and blended well. I’m a little apprehensive when it comes to using bronzers, because I’ve intentionally avoided them for so long but I liked the look this product gave me. It was like I took a cat nap in the sun and my skin was sun kissed. This product comes in two shades and I picked up Baked, a peachy-bronze with gold shimmer. The other shade is Toasted, which is a matte bronze. In this case, I’d say go for the shimmer.

4 thoughts on “Baked On Bronze”

  1. Hey! I can’t find your e-mail address right now, so I’ll just say what I said in my voicemail that never got received here 🙂

    Firstly, I love the podcast. I really do hope you keep it up! It’s so enjoyable to listen to, especially to someone who isn’t that makeup saavy.

    For Christmas, my mom tried to find me that ever-popular Sephora palette, but was unsuccessful because it was sold out everywhere! Instead she got me a Hard Candy palette and Cargo lipgloss. I was wondering what you thought of those lines? I even recently bought my first MAC lipglass after listening to you praise the line so often.

    I do have another question too: my prom is next Friday (I’m only 16) and I was wondering if you could recommend some helpful websites/tutorials on applying makeup that doesn’t look overdone, and that lasts throughout the night. My dress is very simple and black, and I want to look classy, not trashy haha.

    Thanks! 🙂

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