New! Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother

Tweezerman is a trusted brand in my book, they make my favorite pair of tweezers and my makeup bag favorite, the petite manicure set.  When I saw the Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother in Sephora recently, I snapped it up immediately… surely they improved on the whole PedEgg idea, right?

Well, yes and no. The Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother is a two-piece stainless steel micro-file and a finishing file that fit together. The design of the micro-file and finishing file is great, that is a huge plus in its favor. I love the way they fit together and the magnets in each piece help them stay together. Each piece is sleek and much easier to use than the PedEgg, in my opinion. It is easier to grip and fits much better in my hands.

While the micro-file does the job as intended, the finishing file side leaves a little to be desired for me. Unfortunately, dry heels are just a fact of life for me and I need a file with a little more oomph to it. The finishing file is good for smoothing over areas you just passed over with the micro-file if your heels are not as damaged but if you’re looking to do a little more than that, you might want to bring out a grittier foot file.

Have you tried this Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “New! Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother”

  1. I think this looks cool – def better than the ped egg. I also thought when I saw the name “sole mates” that these were those heel protectors. Guess there are only so many names for shoe/foot products!

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