Eyes of an Angel

I was going to do a post about mascara since the Great Mascara hunt is going on over at  Blogdorf Goodman’s but then I realized, I’m not into mascara as I am eyeshadow and I recently found a palette I am crazy about. Maybe I will soon though, I had my eye on some Shu Uemera stuff earlier today.

Trucco_angelface At first glance, Trucco’s AngelFace palette from the Holographic Colour Collection, seems like a really boring collection of light eyeshadows. If you take a closer look, you’ll find that each shade has a name, such as Angel Gold, Angel Blue, Angel Red, Angel Violet and Angel Green. What does this mean? It means that each of these eyeshadows have a wonderful burst of iridescent color to them.

For instance, swatch a little bit of Angel Blue on your hand and you’ll see a great eyeshadow with a good amount of blue shimmer in it. It’s not too 1980’s at all. In short, these eyeshadows can make excellent brow highlighting colors when used with the right combination of color. Since this palette includes other colors in it as well, this can be used with practically anything.

I’ve recently tried other Trucco products and I was not as impressed. Their PowderPout Lip Color palette was a bit of a disappointment but may have to do more with me… I’m not use to using something like eyeshadow on my lips yet. I can see the convenience in this though. However, this eyeshadow palette certainly makes up for all this. I love colors like this that really surprise you in the end. Maybe one day I’ll post a picture of me using it. If you like type of color as well, take a look at NARS Kilimanjaro duo. It’s fantastic, but NARS products in general also are.