6 thoughts on “Trix of the Trade

  1. I have seen tricia’s video on plucking your eyebrows and I really liked it (I have been known to overpluck…Ack!). Definately going to check out her other videos. How can anyone not like tutorials!

  2. Trix of the Trade

    My friend Carla over at Product-Girl found the greatest site that I thought you all might enjoy as much as I have. The site is Trix of the Trade, and it is from makeup artist Tricia Sawyer. Carla raved about the false eyelash videos, and she …

  3. Meh…Tricia’s podcasts are somewhat informative, but pretty basic. And though I totally watch them, I don’t like how infomercially they are. Yours are MUCH cooler, and much more informative and interesting. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Thank you Carla! I went onto Tricia Sawyer’s website and found that those palettes are only 48 bucks, and you get 8 colors! Now I just have to decide which one is for me. Ugh.

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