Trish McEvoy "The Must Haves" Collection


I am a fool for anything Trish McEvoy and when I saw this Trish McEvoy “The Must Haves” Collection set yesterday at Nordstrom’s Fall Trend show, all I could think of was how quickly I could get down to the Trish counter to get my hands on this.

This Nordstrom exclusive includes 6 time saving products to help get you looking your best in the blink of an eye. It includes a full size Eye Base Essential in Bright (don’t let the purple scare you away!), a full size High Volume Mascara in Jet Black, a full size Eye Brightener Pencil in Shell, a full size of the new Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips gloss, a deluxe sample of Beauty Booster Serum and a deluxe sample of Eye Base Essential in Bare.

You need to check out the Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips gloss, this the product I was most excited to try out. I love the formula, it is not at all sticky, feels like a rich lip balm and the most interesting aspect of this gloss; it goes on clear but gives your lips a flattering pink tint. Love it!

2 thoughts on “Trish McEvoy "The Must Haves" Collection”

  1. Ooh, that looks perfect – I love products that get you looking great but without adding loads of colour, the ideal thing to stash in your bag. I used to have a Trish organiser, it was fab!

    1. I LOVE the Trish line and I really wonder why more bloggers are not writing about it. I love the organizer too! I picked mine up with a complete page from QVC. Hoping she introduces a new page soon.

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