Trish McEvoy Line Refiner: The Magic Moisture Wand

Like many women, I carry way too much stuff in my purse. But you never know when you’ll need floss, a dozen lip glosses, a Tide pen and an extra pair of wool socks. Periodically (usually when my shoulders ache) I clean it out and remove some of the tonnage. But the one thing that I must have on me at all times is Trish McEvoy’s Line Refiner. Trish calls it the pocket-perfect magic moisture wand and I couldn’t agree with that description more.

Last summer I went to a Trish McEvoy event at Blue Mercury in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. I got my makeup done and bought a few items – the Lash Curling mascara and a lip gloss I believe. I was all ready to go, just waiting for my friend to finish getting her makeup done. In the meantime, I got to chatting with one of the Trish artists – an attractive man with the best skin I’ve ever seen. Really amazing skin – I was jealous.  Mid-conversation he pulled out this little tube and began dabbing it underneath his eyes. He turned around and had this dewy glow under his eyes and it was at that moment that I was introduced to the Line Refiner. I immediately began asking him what he had just done and he told me it was his go-to refresher and how it was packed with tons of vitamins and that it could be used to plump up lines or where you most need moisture –  the whole face is game.

I bought the product on the spot (literally without even seeing how much it cost, eek!) and have made it my mission to tell everyone I know about it – especially men. I even did a demo of it on my male boss who probably thought I was a total nut. But you know what, he looked more refreshed after! The Line Refiner retails for $36 and while it’s a small tube, I’ve been going strong with it since last summer. Definitely a worthy splurge for me – I don’t leave home without it!

3 thoughts on “Trish McEvoy Line Refiner: The Magic Moisture Wand”

  1. I think it does plump up fine lines – I mainly use it under my eyes though! I don’t really have crow’s feet yet (ugh…hate the term too, let’s call it the lines that shall not be named!), so I can’t say for certainty the affect it would have on them specifically.

    My nails are a lovely shade of bright cotton candy pink with a peach hue courtesy of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in I Pink I Can. I love these polishes!

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