Eye Essentials

I’ve always looked at the Trish McEvoy counter and liked what I saw. Her line has these cute little planners that I’d love to carry around instead of everything in my makeup bag. I always look at the price and turn away though. This time, I decided to get my feet wet, so to speak.

Trish McEvoy Base Essentials I started out with Trish McEvoy Base Essential. It’s a cream eyeshadow base that dries to a powder finish. It comes in great base shades but it also comes in a few very shimmery shades. I opted to go with Sand, it makes a great base for me. It doesn’t look ghastly pale, it’s just the right base color for my lids. I kept checking my eyes the first time I wore it and was happy to discover that this performed extremely well. Around the 8-hour mark, my color was still very much in tact and it was only beginning to crease at that point. This stunned me because I didn’t think I’d find anything that worked better on me than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and it’s giving my beloved Painterly Paint Pot a run for it’s money. I also noticed that the color didn’t look chalky at all. With some products, I’ve found if your eye area is the slightest bit dry, these types of products really accentuate that. This wasn’t the case with this product at all.

I started out only picking up a few things from her line to get acquainted with it but I already know there is definitely going to be more of Trish McEvoy in my future. Have you tried the line? What products do you like?