March TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

Last month, about four weeks to the date, I said spring felt closer than ever. I was so right! How exciting is this, guys? I’m concerned about what consistent 80-degree temps in Chicago in March mean for the planet, but I totally dig it. How can I not? Anyone else with me?  When I first started the TRIA process last November, spring was truly a pipe dream. I didn’t know what to expect but I was committed to giving it my best effort. Which is easy to do with the TRIA, thankfully.

March threw some challenges. I’ve been so rigid about every other Saturday, even setting up calendar reminders to keep me on track, but I had some travel that fell over the weekends. My solution? Pack up the TRIA and bring it with me! It’s very portable. I opted not to bring the charger (mainly because I forgot) and luckily the battery lasted. That is something I’ve had challenges with at home (because I often forget to juice up the device!), so I was happy that it didn’t quit on me mid-treatment.

The theme of March really is change. Not only did I travel with the TRIA but I also began using it weekly on the underarm. I decided to do that because I’m impatient. If I’m being honest!  It’s not that I’m not seeing results, it’s just not like the flip of a switch. I no longer have a need to shave every day under the arm – which is a change from the last 4-6 weeks – but my thinking is I can speed it up. I still see hair, but I notice it’s sparser. I think it’s because I’m so excited that I’m watching it more closely now. I see the finish line ahead, but know that I still have to get there.

Did anyone take advantage of the TRIA promotion we offered earlier this month? Would love to hear if any of you are using this or have any questions! Let us know. And, if you’re just joining us now, here’s a link to our previous TRIA updates.

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*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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