April TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update

My first post-TRIA warm weather (a.k.a. bathing suit) vacation is coming up next week. I haven’t been in a bathing suit since pre-TRIA, and I’m kinda jazzed. Both for a vacation where I can lounge poolside and the part where I have less underarm hair. That’s officially a less, not a none.  My DIY at-home laser hair removal journey continues, but I remain hopeful that soon I will be hair free.

In March, I said I felt like I was in a holding pattern. I would describe the past four weeks that way as well. I notice hair follicles are a little patchy, but the work is not done. It’s been nearly 6 months of bi-weekly (and 6 weeks of weekly) treatments. My hairs are stubborn!

When I first signed on to chronicle my experience with TRIA, I agreed to post over the course of six months. Today is kind of like “graduation day” except I still have a few credits to earn before I get that diploma. But ladies, I am determined to graduate. I’ll be checking in again to let you know officially when my hairs are GONE!

Hair removal lasers are one of the only options to remove hair permanently. If you’re not up for messing with dr. appointments (and more pain, I believe), check out the TRIA. Here’s where I stand on the device after using it since November.

  • TRIA is made for women with lives. It takes about 4 minutes total (2 min. per underarm), so there’s always time to fit it in.
  • It travels well. Just make sure to charge up the battery.
  • Along those lines….charge the battery. You never want it to stop on you mid-treatment.
  • No pain. It really doesn’t hurt at all. There are five settings so if you are sensitive you can adjust based on your preferences. I’m comfortable at “4.”
  •  Be patient. Hair doesn’t disappear overnight.

If you’re just joining us, check out my previous TRIA updates to track my progress from the beginning.

*Disclosure: TRIA provided us the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

One thought on “April TRIA Laser Hair Removal Update”

  1. I received TRIA as a early Christmas present in 2010. I have been following ” Product Girl” for quite sometime since she has started sharing her experience with TRIA. Presently, I am still TRIAing now to get rid of my unwanted hair. It does take a very long time and you must FIND the TIME to TRIA. In other words you can not have much of a life! I noticed a difference after the first two months not the “first time”. I have read reiews of the TRIA where people actually thought it would work the same time they first used it! No such Luck!!!! I know PATIENCE is not in all of us, and I am the most IMPATIENT woman you have ever met! I want everything yesterday!!!! Who doesn’t when it comes to “unwanted hair”! Seriously, though I am” almost “totally hairless in the bikini area, arm pits, and some of both my legs. I believe my legs take are taking the longest. I have been seriously ill so my results might be taking a little longer as between 2010 and presently I have been in the hospital more than I have been out..So, there has been lapses where I did not TRIA on schedule. As a matter of fact, I TRIA sometimes everytime I take a shower but I rotate areas and when you are going to be 50 and do not have a life that is once a week. I did not get the TRIA to show off my bikini in the summer although I am very thin and live at the Jersey Shore!! I have learned the hard way how much the sun does change your skin as we get older. I purchased the TRIA to save money on geting razor blades every month and ofcourse the OCD of not wanting hair. My TRIA is the older model and I would love, love to have the new one has it does not seem as heavy as the old one but that is unaffordable to me so I will keep going with the one I have. You must read up on this hair removal system before buying! I am completely SATISFIED with the TRIA. I do wish I could get more than 20 to 23 minutes a session on the highest setting. I take some Advil or Tylenol a hour before using my TRIA as I am a big baby especially in the beginning, when I first started. If you do TRIA but wait another three months before using your TRIA again or do not treat the same area you will see the hair has not gone (in most cases) and you will need to start using the TRIA over and over again in that area. Thank goodness, there is a system such as TRIA to get rid of my hair as I could never afford to have laser from a doctors office. You are doing a good job” Product Girl” and I am sure if you continue using the TRIA over the next 6 months you will be as happy as I am!!! Good luck to all who are considering the TRIA and remember patience is a verture!!!! Also, make sure you have shaven well and exfoliated before using your TRIA. I have found the VENUS 5 blade razor is by far the best for shaving unwanted hair! Also, you must TRIA within a couple of hours of shaving as hair does start to grow back quite rapidly!!! I do NOT review these products as a career or under any other circumstances this is my own review of the TRIA. Good Luck to all and if you would like to give me pointers I would greatly appreciate them because at the end of May I will be 50 years of age and I know there is much I do not know!!!!!! Have a great TRIAing session!!!

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