TRIA Laser Hair Removal At-Home, December Update

It’s been about a month since I began using the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System. TRIA has given me the opportunity to test the technology of laser hair removal in my own home, and I’m chronicling my experience over the course of six months.  I’ve officially done two treatments, and am about to do my third this weekend.  

Getting started was easy. And official. You have to register your device over the phone with a TRIA representative, and they also give you a few tips on charging the device, turning it on, etc. To even use the hair removal laser, you first must unlock it with the built-in skin sensor. It also came fully charged, which was nice.

I’m a fan of doing my treatments on Saturday mornings. There is some prep work involved, so morning seems most convenient. You need to shave the areas you are treating, and have no lotion or deodorant on. I am doing my underarm area and bikini line. I was a little nervous before the first treatment, thinking, is this going to hurt? There are five settings (1 being the lightest and 5 the strongest), so I just started at #1. I did a spot test on my upper thigh to test the settings, and was pleasantly surprised when I went up to a 5 and felt what was the equivalent of a rubber band barely snapping against my skin. Emphasis on the “barely” — yay for pain free!

For my underarms, I’m able to do it on a “5.” The skin near the bikini line is much more sensitive, so I opt for a “3.” I love that the TRIA is a “smart” device. It senses your skin, so if you’re not doing it properly or pressing down, it will not emit the laser. Also, what to expect? It’s just a beep. You just press and it beeps. It’s so fast. To do both areas, it’s less than 10 minutes.

A few other tips/observations:

  • Pay attention! You want to evenly do the “beep and drag” over the entire area you treating, but don’t want to overlap. This is a laser so there is potential you could burn yourself.
  • Stay cool. I thought it was nice that a fan kicked on about halfway through. It knows when it’s getting hot, so a fan keeps the device cool. It doesn’t ever feel too hot.
  • Consistency. In order to see results and take advantage of the at-home convenience, it’s important to use it every other week and follow the rules. That’s why I chose Saturday mornings. And I set calendar reminders to go off the Friday before so I remember!

I’m too early on to see any true results, but I’m happy with it so far. I am very excited to see results though!

I’ll be back in January with another TRIA update!

3 thoughts on “TRIA Laser Hair Removal At-Home, December Update”

  1. Sounds really interesting! I have made a reservation at a beauty place for laser hair removal on my bikini line in January. If I notice any difference I will probably book another visit since my bikiniline really give me problems with ingrown hairs. But it is very expensive…

    1. Ninni, it is pretty pricey. I’m excited to see how the at-home works. I have very dark, fast growing hair. Would be nice to see it go away:)

      I know a few of my coworkers got an amazing Groupon in Chicago to get it done at a Dr. office — slashed the cost by more than half.

      1. Yes, I have made my reservation with Groupon too (we have it in Sweden as well), so the first time it is not that expensive. But since it takes several visits it will probably cost me a lot. But I have decided that if it works – it will be worth it. I hate my ingrown hairs and dark hair on the bikiniline and it will be heaven to get rid of them.

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