February TRIA Update + a Giveaway!

Maybe because it’s the “year of no winter” (according to Chicago’s favorite weatherman Tom Skilling), but spring feels closer than ever. The topics of conversation at work and among friends have gone from “ski trips” and “ice fishing” (I associate with a lot of Minnesotans — this is a real activity that people actually do FOR FUN) to “summer wardrobe” and “St. Patrick’s Day” (which is officially the unofficial start of “spring”). Me, I’m just excited to enter the summer season with LESS HAIR on my underarm (but more on my head. Still growing it out!) And with that, here’s the February TRIA update.

In my first piece of official update news: results continue!! Wahoo! The momentum I gained last month is getting stronger, and I’m really noticing that my underarm hair is growing in slower and sparser. I do still see growth after a few days, but it’s noticeably less. I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting somewhere and that makes me very happy. Random but relevant observation to share — I think my left underarm is seeing better results by a smidge. It could be that – my hair there is less or I’m doing a better job with the TRIA on that side. As for my bikini line, I think I’m noticing some results. It’s just more difficult to actually see (you know what I’m saying?). Also, I use a lower setting (2 vs. 4) down there because it’s just more sensitive skin. And that’s about as much as I’m interested in sharing about my bikini line. Moving on to…

….The second piece of official news: I (hopefully) talked someone off a Groupon for another “at-home laser removal.” It wasn’t TRIA, and that’s all I needed to know to say “eh…maybe you better not.” TRIA remains the only FDA-cleared device for at-home laser hair removal, and after blasting myself with a laser beam twice a month since November, I feel good knowing it’s been rigorously tested. Just don’t mess with that other business. And, if you really want to try it then you should know….

…. WE ARE GIVING AWAY A TRIA!!! Saved the best for last, of course.  Before you enter, though, we ask that you consult with the “Is This Right for Me” tab on the TRIA website and make sure your skin type and hair color will respond to the device. If so, leave a comment on this post to enter to win. We’ll pick a winner at random at the end of the day on Friday, February 24.

Good luck!

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*Disclosure: TRIA provided me the system free-of-charge. I’m documenting my experience over the course of six months. All opinions and experiences are my own.

**Congrats to Emily, the winner of the TRIA!

98 thoughts on “February TRIA Update + a Giveaway!

  1. Hi!! Have been reading about ur experience with TRIA and would love a chance to have this device for my own. I’ve checked the “will it work for me” and it will! Thank you for hosting this! =)

  2. My friend has the NoNo and said it didn’t work for her at all..It seems the TRIA is bringing some results, I’d love to try it!

  3. The TRIA sounds amazing! I would be thrilled to have one! The less hair, the better! ha 🙂 Love your posts!

  4. I’m a girl who has never gone camping because I want to be able to shave everyday! I finally decided to get over it and go to a music festival this summer which will involve bathing out of a bucket. I would love to be hairless by then!! I have spent too much time in my life shaving!

  5. I would flip to try this! Especially since I just went to the website to take the quiz and found out that it cost 395! I am pale with ugly dark brown hair on my chin and throat.. FRACK! It works for me!

  6. It’s a long shot but it would be awesome to win this. Being a brunette, hair is so much more obvious and annoying! It would be a dream to not have to manage it!

  7. This would be the answer to my prayers! I have suffered from a hormone imbalance for most of my life that causes mild hirsutism and necessitates that I shave almost everywhere daily. I think this could really work for me.

  8. I bought a different hair removal system many years ago which proved to be a disappointment. Glad to hear that better products have made it to the market.

  9. I’ve had my eye on this product for sometime! Finances and medical bills have prevented me from being able to purchase it 🙁 It would be the best thing of 2012 if I Won!!! Here’s to hoping…

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