Ten or Less: TRESemme Climate Protection Finishing Spray

Don’t call this one a hairspray, because TRESemme’s Climate Protection Finishing Spray is so much more than that. Part of TRESemme’s 4-piece Climate Protection line to keep your tresses looking good despite the usual destructive elements of static, wind and/or humidity, the Finishing Spray is like the grand finale to any hairdo. Up, down, straight, curly — this product will set you on your merry way for the day, especially one with weather woes.

The secret to this spray’s success is TRESemme’s Climate Control Complex, a blend of Kertain and UV blockers, that build a residue-free barrier between your hair and the effects of harmful elements. We’ve been having our share of nasty weather in Chicago this month and I’ve been impressed with how my hair has held up throughout the day when using this. I spray it all over, let it dry before touching and then do a final fluff with my fingers. It dries completely and feels weightless.

And in usual TRESemme fashion, I was able to snag a ginormous can of this from Target for about $3. I’d happily pay the same amount for a tiny version for travel! Because now, I need this product in my daily routine no matter where I am.

2 thoughts on “Ten or Less: TRESemme Climate Protection Finishing Spray”

  1. We agree with Laurie on this one: this is a great hairspray. For all you science geeks in the audience, just understand that the “climate control complex with keratin” is really just marketing hype. The ingredients in the formula that REALLY do the wok are: VA , Crotonates , Vinyl Neodecanoate Copolymer , Octylacrylamide , Acrylates , Butylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer. Tresemme is a really good bargain but if you can find these same ingredients in a cheaper product, then you can save money by buying that one.

  2. Can men wear this as well? My gender shouldn’t mean my hair should be a mess every windy California spring!

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