Topshop Arrives in Chicago

While I love me a good book store (RIP Borders), I’m pretty ecstatic that today is the day Topshop opens its second U.S. location in Chicago, in the home of the former Borders store at 830 N. Michigan Ave.  This was all the buzz around the office this morning!  The location couldn’t be better, and the interior has been renovated to create major impact. The escalators have been moved to the back of the store, and a balcony will cover the second floor (Topman) and house a DJ booth. As someone who spent a lot of time in that Borders, it’s going to be crazy different.

In honor of the store’s launch, Topshop created an exclusive nail polish, called Windy City. This stormy blue couldn’t be more perfect for Chicago, right? It certainly reflects the mood around the city come January!

Happy Topshopping to all. Let us know if you’re in Chicago, and if you’re stopping by the store! Would love to hear what you think!

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One Response to “Topshop Arrives in Chicago”

  1. i can’t WAIT to stop at that store when i’m next downtown

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