Big Kisses

Too Faced Cosmetics have always introduced adorably-packaged, clever products but I never fell in love with a single item.

Years ago, I searched for the perfect lip plumper and found TF’s Lip Injection to be the best performing on the market at the time. The gloss went back to Sephora the very next day when I discovered how sticky the formula was. I recently decided to give Lip Injection another try, this time trying Lip Injection Extreme.

Too Faced's Lip Injection Extreme This product is touted not as a gloss but as a serum, meant to be used twice a day just like every other product in your skincare routine. The company claims that the product will have permanent results if used regularly. While I cannot attest to the long-term use of this product, I am happy with what I’ve seen so far. At first glance, Lip Injection Extreme appears to be a little opalescent but goes on clear. It has a sponge-tip applicator and the serum smells very fruity like grape bubblegum. Once applied, I endured 30 seconds of tingling then peeked into a mirror. I was astounded at how dramatic the results were. There was a definite increase in plumpness, as well as a darkening of the pink color in my lips. I decided to even out the color using a nude lip liner, then layer a great lip gloss (Smashbox gloss in 35mm) to get the full effect. I have never had such sexy, plump lips – I swear Angelina Jolie herself would have been jealous. This is definately love!

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  1. Hi there, thanks for reading! I would say that my results were actually more dramatic with Lip Injection Extreme than with Lip Fusion. I believe the price is better as well.

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